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Tying the Knot

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“Tying the Knot” examines the internal conflicts one feels when her identity radically shifts due to a change in social status. The construction of matrimony and its implications for the individual female was a starting point for this work. Having been married later in life, I struggled with my own identity, as my self-image had to shift to accommodate this new social structure. The struggles of communication and self-reflection are embodied in three key phrases; “Walking on eggshells”, “Knots in my stomach”, and “On pins and needles”. This body of work represents the rocky transitional period as one’s emotional identity evolves from a singular perspective to the incorporation of another’s point of view. The obsessive nature of multiples and tasks involving large quantities has been part of my art making process historically. However, the repetitive actions in this new body of work became synonymous with the changes recently occurring in my self and my identity.

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