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Intimacies of Technology

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This project started with a collection of voicemails saved on a cell phone. These voicemails preserved the last messages left by my deceased mother. Captured on a Razor flip phone, they were trapped there when I decided to upgrade my service. At the time, the technology to transfer them did not exist. As I dealt with the loss of my mother, I held on to that outdated cell phone as a sort of talisman. It housed an emotional catalogue of voicemails and as long as I had the phone, I could play back the messages.


These voicemails were both stranded on that singular phone and preserved for my comfort. This duality was the beginning of a large-scale installation titled "Intimacies of Telephony," wherein I canned over 200 telephones to preserve, collect and catalogue their histories. This work was also greatly influenced by my research into the history of telephone technologies, feminist communication theory, and artists whose work resonated with my own creative explorations. Although my installation begins from a place of personal narrative and preservation, it ultimately addresses more universal concepts of domesticity, gender politics, and issues of communication.

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